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Precise knee ligament surgery

Perform with confidence using robotics

Knee Ligaments

Knee ligaments help maintain the knee’s stability and strength.

Without ligaments, the knee has a higher risk of repeated sprains injuring the menisci and cartilage.


Within 10 years, the knee can develop osteoarthritis.

Because of the pain, osteoarthritis turn mundane tasks into an endurance test.

Sport Medicine

The shift towards an healthy lifestyle among people of all ages and physical conditions
increase the incidence of knee ligament injuries.

A knee sprain does not have to mean the end of a sporty and active lifestyle.

Sports medicine is here to tackle the problem early by restoring the stability of your knee!

Today, ligament reconstructions are done under arthroscopy.
Although this technique brings many advantages, the residual instability and revision rate may remain high.

LinkX Robotics is developing an innovative solution
with 3D planning and robotics technologies
to address precisely knee ligament injuries!

LinkX Robotics is proudly affiliated to the Haventure program.

Haventure is a surgical robotics startups factory.